Let's Shop - showing for Stars

Our Let's Shop showcase gives us the opportunity to show off some of our favorite picks within the Stars Malls. We list our weekly choices by the store in which each dealer is located. To choose a specific store just click on Stars and Splendid or Stars Too.

Thursday 30th of March 2017
Victorian note holders are placed across the pages of a vintage book for a lovely still life.

Tactile Textures
Thursday 30th of March 2017
Nothing beats the worn weathered patina of wicker throughout the home.

Natural Look
Thursday 30th of March 2017
Bring nature indoors with pinecone garlands and textiles for a one of a kind look.

Different Types
Thursday 30th of March 2017
Printmakers blocks are an easy and quick update and a great conversation piece.

Seeing Spatter
Thursday 30th of March 2017
Start a collection of colorful spatterware in pots, bowls, dishes, and mugs.

Faded Patterns
Thursday 30th of March 2017
Volumes of fabric in subtle colors fill the wall and create a great backdrop.

Plant an Idea
Thursday 30th of March 2017
Small scale gardens can be placed on the porch, windowsill, kitchen table, and create a memorable centerpiece. Get inspired with the new books at Stars Too. Join us from 11-6 and celebrate Spring! Shop Smart. Shop Stars. Thanks for the memories and friendships over the past 16 years. Janice signing off :)

Signs of Spring
Monday 13th of March 2017
Let's Shop breezes through Stars and finds simple yet lovely signs that Spring is upon us. Step into any one of our three stores between 11:00am-6:00pm and find a new treasure to take home. Robin's Egg Blue inspires a vignette of nest and cloche with porcelain table pieces available from Dealer #32.

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