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Dealer #132 - at Stars

Golden Girls
Take a mom, add her twin daughters and you have Golden Girls. These three "girls" would love to have you stop and shop in their new showcase. Just look for the #32 on the outside of the case. Great stuff and give away prices from the Golden Girls.

Dealer #127 - at Stars

Tim's Treasures
Greetings from Tim's Treasures. Offering Vintage and Antique Objects for every taste and style. A seller for over 17 years, there are items for both the Collector and Decorator. Every week includes hunting down treasures throughout the Portland metro area and once a year a huge shopping excursion in the Midwest brings you items that range from elegant to eclectic. So please come to Stars to visit my space and all the other great spaces in the mall. Happy Shopping!

Dealer #118 - at Stars

Pottery Guy
See my case in Stars Antiques Mall. You can find Bauer,Brayton Laguna, Ceramic Arts Studio, Fiesta, Franciscan, Hall, Hull, McCoy, Russel Wright, Stangl, & Vernon Kilns. I try to bring in different merchandise almost daily, so check back often.

Dealer #116 - at Stars

Pieces of The Past
Come check out my new showcase in the front of Stars. So many wonderful things at great prices. Things don't last long so come shop soon and often.

Dealer #99 - at Stars

Darwin loves to buy so you need to shop his space at Stars frequently. There will always be new and exciting treasures.

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