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Dealer #89 - at Stars

Elements of The Past That'll Collect You!
Collection of true "antique stained glass windows" salvaged from cottages in England. Art nouveau, art deco and floral windows hand-crafted more than 90 years ago. No cracks & no reproductions. Here at STARS you'll find some hanging in the front window, but "most of the stain glass windows are across the street in SPLENDID" in a large front corner space priced $89.-$125. on an average. CHECK out my main WEB PAGE - Dealer #89, on "SPLENDID'S" link by scrolling "towards the bottom" of this page.

25 years expedience. Seeking out salvaged antique elements to recycle, antique & older vintage furniture found locally & from France or England & unusual smaller decorative elements found in my 3 cases.

A custom service to "alter" the size of windows and/or repairing of old windows available. Call (503) 730.4348 if any questions!

Dealer #88 - at Stars

Karen Winandy
Welcome to my spaces of nostalgia! You can always find a little bit of anything and everything here! Also, the things you may remember from your own days gone by - Vintage Radios, Rotary Telephones, Philco TVs, Record Players, LP's, Pez Dispensers, Clackers, Sports Cards and more.

If you like colorful art glass, you must come see what I have. At least 30 pieces of handblown glass decanters, pitchers, vases, etc. My favorite glassmaker is Blenko so that is what most of them are. You won't be disappointed in the selection. I will restock every week so check back often.

Dealer #82 - at Stars

David's Treasures
David's space at STARS is the one that you just know that you will find some treasure. Once you step into his space there is so much to see, you could spend the whole day.

Come explore David's treasures today.

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