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Dealer #59 - at Stars

Look for our cool stuff in glass case numbers 23 and 24 in the front windows. We like quirky finds from the last century and sometimes beyond. We'll try to keep the cases fresh with new merchandise.

Dealer #58 - at Stars

Alice's Antiques and Collectibles
Alice loves to shop. No Alice really loves to SHOP!! So she is always bringing in armloads for merchandise to her wall space at Stars. Check out her space often, there will always be some kind of treasure and a very good price.

Dealer #52 - at Stars

Gail Morse Jewelry
Come visit my jewelry cases at Stars. If you are looking for unique jewelry pieces, my cases are the place to start.

I currently have two showcases at Stars filled with my jewelry finds. The two low cases to the right when you walk in the front door and the low case to the left of the front door are my domain.

Every Wednesday I come in and restock my cases with more fun jewelry. So come take a look and be sure and try something on that you love.

Dealer #50 - at Stars

Space 50: located at the back, close to the restroom. You'll find clothes, shoes, boots, purses and accessories that are vintage, unique and exciting. In addition to the wonderful clothes, you'll also find luggage, ties and beautiful handmade, vintage and antique JEWELRY. You'll also find a fine selection of mirrors and prints from antique to vintage. Too much to list!!

Dealer #48 - at Stars

Adored Anew
My name is Renee, and I love hunting for vintage treasures - and sometimes I sell them. I have a special place in my heart for mid century, kitschy cute things, vintage kitchen,costume jewelry and vintage fashion. I spend all week hunting vintage treasures down, and I'll be doing my best to keep my case at Stars filled to the brim with them! Come visit me in case #2 at Stars and see what you can find!

Dealer #47 - at Stars

Leave It Better Than You Found It
Come to Stars Antiques Mall booth #47 to support this worldwide nonprofit organization that educates, networks and supports living a balanced lifestyle that contributes to making this world a better place. The Leave It Better booth has a wide range of fun items from around the world. Check out the rainbow of antiques at this rockin' booth!!

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